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We are a small, friendly, family run pharmacy in Phoenix, Arizona. At MG Pharmacy, there's never a long wait, we fill most prescriptions within a few minutes. We are not a chain pharmacy where you wait in line with many other infected, unhappy people, then have to deal with rude staff who would hate their jobs, and would rather be anywhere else.


We are the type of pharmacy made up of friendly, caring pharmacists and staff. We LOVE TALKING WITH OUR PATIENTS AND HELPING THEM FEEL BETTER!  Many of our customers and patients have been coming to us for over 30 years!  WE HAVE HELPED THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE -- JUST LIKE YOU -- FEEL BETTER AND ENJOY THEIR PHARMACY EXPERIENCE.  Come visit us today!  :)

Morris Gortler

Morris Gortler graduated from the University of Arizona Pharmacy in pharmacy school in 1960.  He worked for Walgreens for twenty years before deciding he could run a pharmacy better. In 1986 he opened MG Pharmacy.

Marcelle Gortler

Marcelle Gortler has her master's degree in psychology and has worked at MG Pharmacy since it opened in 1986. She and her husband Morris have been happily married for 50 years.  

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